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Hi! Longtime reader, first time commenter here. Where are the baby pics? My babies are 5 and 3 now and I'm going through baby withdraw. Just thought I'd let you know that some of us appreciate the baby talk.


How funny...saw that daikon are getting very cheap today at the local "Suupa" and mentioned to DH that I wanted to do something with chicken and daikon that is easy.And hey presto,your post! Thanks a million:) And btw,when do you find time to do so much wonderful cooking/blogging with a newborn??! You are amazing! I

retro sweets

gosh, i wanna gobble these foods out of the pc... i will try this recipe you posted. thanks!


Hi Julie, thanks a lot! Don't worry, there won't be a shortage of baby pics around here for quite a while! (Oh, and this post was posted early by mistake- I normally write a bunch of posts at once when I have the time, then set them up to be posted automatically. I try to space out the baby posts with the others, but this one accidentally came after a few non-baby posts. It's fixed now.)

Marianne, I love how cheap and versatile daikon is! I hope your meal turned out nicely. I don't do a lot of wonderful cooking, I just do a sh*tload of cooking when I get the chance, and live on leftovers for the next few days. Another reason why I love dishes like this, because they actually get better with age. Oh, and musenmai (pre-washed rice) is a lifesaver!

Thanks Retro Sweets, I hope you like it!

S Lloyd

Just tried this recipe.
Awesome. Turned out great, tasted great too.


made this tonight, with tebasaki. FAB! the kids gave mixed reviews, though, with the oldest only liking the chicken, the middle child liked the chicken and eggs, and the youngest loved it all! so funny (they usually like all of these things, so i'm not sure what the deal was. maybe the seasonings? lol)

served with rice and steamed broccoli. i can't be bothered to make miso soup these days!

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